Every year, nearly $50 billion worth of loyalty reward points and miles are issued to U.S. consumers. Unfortunately, 93% of consumers believe loyalty programs are not rewarding their best customers but are primarily a marketing ploy. Their #1 complaint?  The difficulty of redeeming their points & miles. The merchandise catalogs just aren’t cutting it — usage is under 12% of members and redemption about 5% of total.

89% of program members say they’d simply like to spend their points directly at merchants.  That’s why American Express, Chase, Citi and Discover points are redeemable at Amazon.  But, connecting merchants to credit card, hotel and airline reward programs isn’t easy.   Until now.  That’s what we do:  securely connect rewards programs to merchants.

Point Payments was founded by payment industry experts with deep processing experience.   Knowing a network solution was needed yet didn’t exist, they set out to build that solution — leveraging technology to bring greater efficacy to loyalty rewards.

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Point Payments solutions drive customer engagement.


The PointNet platform features:

  • Content Management
  • Enrollment Management
  • Cross-Domain Authentication & Authorization
  • Business Rules
  • Risk Management
  • Multi-Party Settlement


The PointNet platform supports both online (Web) and offline (brick’n’mortar) points redemption:



With PointPromote, participating merchants feature only the most user-relevant reward program brands on their sites.  And, with direct pay-wall integration of PointSpend, online merchants can process points-payments as easily as credit card transactions.


With PointLink, participating stores, restaurants and service providers get more traffic and sales from consumers now able to fund their transaction with credit card, hotel, retail and airline rewards points or miles.  With all integration server-side, there is no implementation work for the merchant.  Smartphone apps and SMS messaging ensure the user knows where & how they can pay with points or miles.

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